What Story Is Your Skin Telling?

By Tanja Spencer

Using the incorrect skincare products on your skin can be worse than using no product at all. As a qualified Somatologist, having done facial treatments on clients for 25 years, I have seen a large variety of clients and their skin.

Some clients may have used a good skincare regime from the onset of puberty, whereby others literally use nothing. It is interesting to explore each client’s individual history. Everybody’s skin tells a story. Some are pampered and spoilt, some are neglected and abused.

The saddest story for me to read on the skin is the client who has, in their ignorance, spent a lot of money using a good skincare brand but the incorrect products within that brand. Products not formulated for their specific skin care needs. These clients have themselves caused imbalances within their skin to a point where it appears neglected.

Sadly, this is a very common phenomenon in our industry. Time and again when I take down details for the client card on current products being used, I am surprised by what they tell me they are using. Some clients are using good brands and a number of products but it does not appear so, their skins are telling a different story.

I have found that his happen for two reasons, either clients are self- selecting what they buy and are choosing the incorrect product or more concerning is the second reason. Clients are being recommended incorrect products by therapists or sales staff.

The foundation of this problem is one thing only: skin analysis done incorrectly. Clients are self- analysing their skin incorrectly and purchasing retail products accordingly or therapists/beauty advisors are incorrectly analysing clients skin and then selling according to what they believe are the client’s needs. Correct skin analysis is vital.

Therapists analyse the skin and determine the skincare needs of the client. It is important to ask clients what they believe to be their skin concerns. A qualified therapist will see that the clients actual skins needs are not necessarily what the client themself has identified. We cannot disregard the clients’ needs, she has come to you with a real concern and she wants to see that you are taking her seriously and her needs are being met, however, we often identify other needs that the skin has. Both can be addressed simultaneously.

Education and communication is key. We need to explain to our clients why we recommend the products that we do and that many skin concerns and imbalances take time to correct.

One particular client of mine comes to mind in this regard. This lady is a 52 year old client that came to me sporadically but then decided that she needed to ‘sort out’ her skin before her son’s wedding. A suggestion had been made that she have a course of peels before the big day and she wanted my opinion on this.  

She came to me 3 months before the wedding. She had combination skin that was red, sensitive and dehydrated. She was using (and spending a lot of money on) a good quality retail skincare brand. She had always believed that her skin was oily. All the products she was using were for oily skin. These products however were totally incorrect. Over the years she had stripped her skin that it had become red, sensitive and the natural lipid balance disturbed.

She had four Doctor Eckstein facials, one a month and started using the Doctor Eckstein homecare products in the second month. The Doctor Eckstein philosophy is to care and nurture the skin through science and nature. I used this approach to restoring balance in the skin.

Facials done included the Azulen Reinigungsől oil cleanser, Ferment Schälung enzymatic peel, Azulen serum/ampoule, Sensitive Supreme for massage, Kamillen Azulen Packung mask and Blutenfeuchtigkeits balsam day cream.

Homecare products used were:

  • Sensitive Reinigungsgel gel cleanser-which was very different from what she was used to using as it is not a high foaming cleansing product. She had always believed her skin to be very oily, so all previous cleaners used were high foaming and lipid depleting. This product took a little bit of time for her to get used to. 
  • Sensitive Toner-this is a gentle alcohol free product also very different from her previous toners.
  • Augen Pflegebalsam eye care balm– Pflege means maintenance and this is why I recommended this product, to help maintain the condition of the delicate eye area and prevent fine lines, fatigue and puffiness. It also protects from environmental causes of premature skin aging.
  • Active Concentrate Sensitive Complex serum– this active concentrate helps by stabilizing the skins overall condition and invigorating the skins own protection abilities.   
  • Kräuter balsam– My initial advice was Blutenfeuchtigkeits balsam but she found that this left her skin shiny. Krauter balsam, a normalising and balancing day cream suited her better. It restores the skins natural balance of oil and moisture. 

Doctor Eckstein’s wide range of samples allows the client to try out the product before purchasing. This was particularly helpful with this client when selecting the correct day cream.

When she came to me for her last facial, a few days before her son’s wedding, her skin condition had improved tremendously. Her skin redness had calmed down and the skin looked hydrated and supple. Her healthier skin appearance made her feel more confident and created a perfect canvas for the ‘mother of the groom’ make up. 

From this positive experience, she has decided to carry on coming for regular facials and to keep up the Doctor Eckstein home care routine.

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