Skincare Meets Tech

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask and Moisturise.  The complete skincare package, but with technology today is that really where your home skincare routine needs to stop?  In true skin junkie style, I wanted to see how I could up my skincare routine at home. So, I recently purchased my first home-care cleansing device. I was also able to review one of their home-care treatment devices over the past 12 weeks as well. Here are my thoughts and experience on these home-care devices –

PMD Clean

The PMD Clean is a smart facial cleansing device with over 7,000 vibrations per minute. The SonicGlow technology not only deep cleanse, but also has an anti- wrinkle, and facial massaging effect. Made from silicone which makes the bristles hygienic and no risk of worsening your skin. Safe enough to use twice a day.

Now, what really excited me about the PMD Clean is the fact that it is waterproof. Which meant I could use it while in the shower.  So, there was no need to use it separately from my normal routine, just added it with my current cleanser. A 2-minute cleanse with the added benefit of a facial massage to get the blood flowing.  Leaving my face clean and feeling super soft. I love it!

I can honestly say I see a real difference in my skin. The little white bumps between my chin & lip completely disappeared over time. I also for the first time ever had no need for any extraction when I went for my last facial.  Personally, I feel the PMD Clean devise was worth every cent.

PMD Microderm Pro

Now, I recently met the PMD team at the Beauty Revolution this year. I was not unfamiliar with the treatment this specific device could do. However very intrigued that you can basically do an in-salon treatment in the comfort of your home.

The Personal Microderm (PMD) is an at-home skin care tool that assists with the appearance of blemishes, dark spots, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and evens out skin tone and texture.  The same as an in-salon microdermabrasion facial whereby a spinning disc gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion works on all skin types and because it works on just the surface layers of the skin and not painful at all.

The Personal Microderm Pro is formulated to work on sensitive, reactive skin like mine with an additional “gentle” speed setting.  The discs are made up of Aluminum Oxide crystals, the same material used for in-salon microdermabrasion treatments.  Now, I am that person who reads the manual and watches all the how-to tutorials before trying something new.  With the Microderm Pro I would suggest you do the same.  The device is not made to irritate your skin in anyway. If not done correctly it can cause some skin sensitivity.

Now, if you watched any of my IGTV tutorials on Instagram, you would see the Microderm Pro is very easy to use.  No difficult setup processes and very easy to clean. After cleansing you select your disc, plug in and gently move across your skin.  It only takes about 3 minutes and you are done. I must admit it did take one or two session to really get the hang of it, but after that I knew exactly what to do.  By replacing my weekly exfoliation with the Microderm Pro, I was able to see how my skin reacted to the home-care device and can I say I was overly impressed. 

The Results

When I initially started my 12-week journey with the Microderm Pro, my skin looked dull and I had some uneven skin tone. My overall goal was to have smooth, glowing skin and anything else would be a bonus.  I usually do not like using physical exfoliation, but my skin honestly reacted so well to it.  My skin felt so smooth and I had a beautiful glow after each session.  No irritation, no sensitivity, just beautiful skin.  The first few sessions I had a few breakouts, which is to be expected as I was taking off the top layer of dead skin cells, giving my skin the opportunity to push out whatever was stuck underneath.   

With not being able to have my monthly in-salon facials during lock-down, gave me the perfect opportunity to see the full effect of my weekly Microderm Pro sessions. The overall results speak for itself.  Looking at my before and after I can clearly see my skin texture is much smoother, plumper and my skin is glowing. Even with my reactive skin I was still able to change my disc every 4 weeks and build up a skin tolerance to move from the ultra-sensitive white disc to the sensitive blue disc without any sensitivity afterwards.

Is it worth the purchase?

So, is the Personal Microderem Pro worth buying?  Well, there honestly might be some mixed responses.  When it comes to a skincare tool like the Microderm Pro, I feel it would be an each to their own kind of decision. For a skincare fanatic like myself I would undeniably spend the money on this home-care device.  Unlike your skincare products, a good quality home-care device like the PMD Microderm Pro will last you a few years and is absolutely worth the investment.

3 Replies to “Skincare Meets Tech”

  1. This is fascinating! I always learn so much from your blogs & you have definitely enticed me to head out & purchase one for myself. Thank you

  2. This is an amazing review. My skin so needs this spoil. I have been following PMD Beauty SA for a while now and their products are definitely on my wishlist this could be a game changer for my skin fingers crossed

  3. The more i read this post the more i know i need to get this beautiful piece of skin care technology

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