Lulu&Marula Nourishing Facial Kit

There is something just so special and luxurious about using natural skincare and that is exactly what you get from Lulu&Marula.  It is not just good for the soul, but amazing for your skin and let us not forget the environment.  

Lulu&Marula is a proudly South African skincare brand, established in 2013 by Jesslynn Shepherd, a skincare addict and product hoarder.  So, hit me up Jesslynn, after reading this, we can be skincare addicts together and BFF’s for life. Just kidding, but not really… Shortly after Monique Spaltman, skincare scientist also joined the team and together, creating the most beautiful, pure and cruelty free skincare range.

I recently purchased their Nourishing Facial Kit with a voucher I won from one of their Stockist, JimnoJean and I unquestionably spent it well.  This kit includes four of their facial skincare products that made me look forward to my cleansing routine every time. On a side note, when introducing new products to my skin, I always do so with one product at a time, just to make sure there is no irritation to my skin.

The Balancing Cleansing Balm is the perfect first step to my double cleansing routine.  This oil-to-milk cleanser is amazing at emulsifying ALL makeup and impurities from my day.  Leaving the basin with all the dirt and my skin beautifully clean and hydrated. This cleanser is soft enough to use as a soothing mask and make your skin feel happy after a long day of looking picture-perfect. 

Their Nourishing Mask & Polish is a dry powder that just comes alive after adding some water.  I absolutely love how this pink clay mask’s carries my thoughts to a day spend at a beautiful spa and a detoxing mud mask.  Filled with healing properties and exfoliating enzymes that leaves your skin hydrated and more radiant, I have applied this mask once a week and it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth.  Due to my skin sensitivity, I personally prefer not to use it as an exfoliating wash, but rather just as a mask.  

Ending off my cleansing routine with the Refreshing Tonic Mist, that is filled with all the nourishing goodness of Rose and Geranium waters.  I love the little spritzing bottle that allows you the option to either lightly spritzing this tonic over your skin for a refreshing boost or applying it with a cotton bud and leaving your skin glowing.

As much as I have enjoyed every product in this Facial Kit, I have left the best for last….  After falling completely and very head over heels in love with their Nourishing Treatment Oil.  I have literally used this beauty to the very last drop all over my face, neck & décolletage every night and my skin has just flourished in this beautiful anti-aging facial oil.  With no irritation, breakouts or oiliness, I will rave about this facial oil for a very long time. So, yes this is my skincare must have at the moment and don’t think I’ll stop using this beauty in the foreseeable future.

With that said, Lulu&Marula developed an all-natural, cruelty free skincare range that is beautifully packaged and even available in travel size kits. So, go have a look at this proudly South African brand that also has a Professional range available at selected salons, from facials to massages that I am without a doubt going to book and try out.  I mean who does not like salon treatments…  

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try out the Nourshing Kit and this review just made my decision so much easier!✨

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