Let’s Talk Décolletage.

I am officially heading towards my mid-thirties, but in my mind, I am no older than 30. Unfortunately my body is telling me different story and therefore, I will most certainly be focusing on making a few changes within my skincare routine over the next few months.

French women pay particular attention to certain parts of the body, with the décolletage being one of their favourites. This is the area under your neck and between your breasts. Yes ladies, it is that beautiful cleavage area that is usually overlooked and forgotten about.

This area is thinner and has fewer oil glands than the skin on other areas of your body. So in reality, it needs extra daily care and attention and is more likely to become dry due to a lack of natural hydration.

With this being such a fragile area, it is important to have the correct skin care products and routine. The quality of most daily body lotions are not able to treat or even delay signs of ageing on the area.

A very good start would be to use your facial wash to cleanse, applying your serums and facial creams all the way down to this delicate area on a daily basis. This will ensure that your décolletage receives all the nourishment it needs and enhances elasticity.

However, if you are serious about treating your chest, shop for décolletage-specific skincare. By investing in a good Firming Neck Cream and Retinol Serum, you will be turning back the clock and reducing deeper horizontal lines.

Retinol serum does the absolute most – so there is no reason for stopping at your jawline. By using retinol serum every other day on the areas that matter the most, like your neck, and chest you will start seeing an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and sunspots.
The chest is essentially the best area to apply it.

With that said, sun exposure speeds up the aging process and the UV rays from the sun cause collagen break down quicker than they would on their own and this results in skin loosing elastin making the skin look older than it really is. Therefore, applying sunscreen to your chest area on a daily basis is also crucial.

The basic to remember is whatever care you give your face and neck; you now need to extend down to your chest area as well. This includes exfoliating at least once a week to remove dead skin and home masking. Yes, masking your décolletage is a real thing. Skin Republic for instance, has an amazing sheet mask specifically designed for your neck and décolletage area.

Now, I know your next question will be “Why do most facials only extend down to your jawline and sometimes include your neck area”? With all the amazing technology today, we will be walking around with beautiful smooth faces and our age showing down our neck and chest area. So find a salon that includes your décolleté too. Unfortunately, most salons have an additional charge for your chest area, but add this option with every second treatment. You will unquestionably start seeing a difference.

Remember, be extra gentle with your skin on your décolletage area – it is a delicate part of your body. Rubbing, stretching or pulling the décolletage can cause damage and lead to more wrinkles and creases.

Be gentle when cleansing by patting dry your décolletage with a soft towel after you have finished showering. Always be gentle when applying sunscreen, moisturizers or serums and never scratch or rub your décolletage.

There are many more tips and tricks I can share with you, like sleeping on satin sheets, but we are not all a Kardashian or a Jenner with millions in the bank. So, look at adding a silk satin pillowcase to your sleeping routine and you will see a significant difference in your overall skin health.

Sleeping on your back is also another tip for keeping those wrinkles at bay, but I have to say this is a difficult one for me, as I love sleeping on my side. Experts advise readjusting your sleeping position and sleeping on your back will decrease the risk of forming sleep wrinkles, but honestly, to me, it is not very realistic!

My overall thought is that if you at least follow the realistic and simple tips, it will certainly help keep your décolletage beautiful and wrinkle-free.

Try it and thank me later…

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