Lamelle Serra Restore Cream

A few years ago, I absolutely gave up on my skin; it was irritable, sensitive and just acted out most days. I tried everything to fix the problem, it would work for a few days and then my skin would just start acting out again.

After so many attempts, I ended up at The New You Salon like a lost soul who has just given up. They did a full skin analysis and that is when I realised I have damaged my skin barrier. Now I am a skincare addict and love trying new products and as some products do, they just do not work with your skin type or cause irritation. That is when I understood why you needed to know your skin. What is your skin type? What does your skin like and what does it dislike?

Very first, the beautiful ladies at the New You Salon introduced to the Lamelle Serra Restore Cream, which did absolute wonders for my skin. The Restore Cream is honestly like a miracle in a bottle. What this beauty does is actually mimics your skin barrier while correcting your skin’s ph balance. Therefore assisting with the recovery and healing of your skin barrier. Restoring moisture and taking your skin back to its original healthy self.

It has been two years and the Serra Restore Cream is still part of my daily skincare routine. I apply my restore cream after my normal skincare routine and it helps locks in all the moisture, while repairing my skin.

It is so important for you to know your skin type and pair yourself with the right skincare that will work for you.


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