IV Vitamin Therapy

I was heading back to work from maternity leave in the beginning of winter. Now that brought up all kinds of fears in me, with one being a fear of picking up any kind of flu bug. I sit in an enclosed office space with 10 other colleagues and as life would have it, there is always bugs breeding in the air. Passing from one person to the next.

My first mission was to try and boost my system, so I could at least try prevent myself from getting sick. After doing some research on immune boosters, I came across VitaFuzion, who specialises in IV Vitamin Therapy and does so in the comfort of your home or office.

Yes, it involves needles, but I was ready to try anything to make sure this winter flu did not get hold of me. With proven results, that your body absorbs more vitamins and nutrients through direct infusion. High doses of vitamin C or magnesium through an IV, allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system and maintain health.

I was so surprised how at ease I felt at my first session. The IV infusion was administered by one of their qualified and friendly nurses and done within 20 minutes and could not wait to see what this would do for my overall mission of staying healthy.

This winter has really been tough on everyone, with sick kids all around and seeing, so many mommies sick themselves. Over the past 3 months I had monthly IV infusions done with no other oral immune boosters or vitamin and very interesting results.

Since heading back to work, we have had flu passing around in the office. I had sick kids; I even had to spend five days in the paediatric ward with my 4 month old and it all I had was a sore throat for about 2 days.

Apart from boosting my immune system with these IV infusions, I have also felt an influx in energy levels and seen a massive difference in my overall skin health. For me personally the results have been pretty remarkable. Taking into consideration, I am still getting up during the night for my almost 7-month-old, working and trying to get back into my exercise routine, which usually takes a massive toll on your skin and body.

I recently had the privilege of talking to Dr Cajee, owner of VitaFuzion to find out why he believed in IV Vitamin Therapy from a medical point of view: “As a medical professional. I like to focus on preventative care with my patients and being in family practice I am exposed to a multitude of chronic conditions. I see first-hand how conventional medications harm the kidney and liver function based on routine blood tests so I always try to get my patients off as many tablets as possible.

Personally, I feel that all chronic conditions stem from a mix of genetics and the metabolic model. The metabolic model meaning the foods that we are consuming these days, are super processed, contain extraordinary amounts of sugar and preservatives which are causing the chronic conditions we are seeing way too frequently in today’s age.

With our infusions, we are getting quality minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that assist with cellular processes and cellular signalling that are of paramount importance to maintain the cell integrity.

We are not getting nowhere close to the amounts of healthy nutrients through the diet as compared to 100 years ago and the best way in today’s age is to supplement with IV products. We have to keep evolving with the times as the foods we are consuming are becoming less healthy as the decades go by.”

Unfortunately, nothing this good comes with a “budget friendly” price tag, but then again can you really put a price tag on health. If I honestly had to compare the cost, for my monthly infusions compared to the overall costs I saved on meds, doctor bills and the time I would have lost for being ill. The benefits truly would surpass the price tag.

Therefore, if you looking for an alternative to getting all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, give the IV Vitamin Therapy a try. With so many options available to suite your specific need, you will not be left disappointed.

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