Double Cleansing

Now we all know that Korean women are known for their beauty products and skincare routines, with some using up to ten skincare products every morning and night. Luckily double cleansing is only a simple 2-step routine and the cornerstone of the Korean skincare routines. So with us loving our Korean skincare brands I was very surprised to realise there’s still so many who do not double cleanse?

Our skin’s exposed to dust, airborne bacteria and pollution on a daily basis. That’s why our skin needs a deep cleanse to get rid of all the gunk and grime that ends up sticking to our faces after a long day out and unfortunately a once-over with a face wipe will not do the trick.

I first read about the buzzword double cleanse in a beauty magazine one afternoon about a year ago and I decided to test this theory on my own skin as I was sure I followed a pretty good skincare routine by always washing my face every morning and evening. So I did my normal cleansing routine, followed by micellar water and I was shocked with how much residue was still left behind.

Now lets look at it a different way, if you still have all this residue left behind on your skin, ultimately blocking your pores, how do you expect any of your serums or moisturisers to enter your skin and do what they do best? Alicia Yoon, the CEO of Korean beauty site Peach and Lily adds, “Some of the top dermatologists in Korea will say that half of one’s skin-care issues could be eliminated with proper cleansing.”

That is where this amazing 2-step cleansing comes in; it is the simplest change to make in your skincare routine, with some mind-blowing results.

Skincare specialist Natasha Steinobel from Exclusively You Aesthetics in Sunninghill had this to say – “This is one of my favourite tips when it comes to skincare. I always encourage my clients to double cleanse as this the fundamental start to any skincare routine. This will create the prefect clear canvas for the next step of your routine to ensure maximum product effectiveness.”

The big question now is how do we double cleanse the right way and by using right products. Double cleansing is mostly recommended as part of your evening skincare routine, ensuring that your serums and moisturisers can enter the skin, thus starting the recovery cycle while sleeping. The first cleanse we start with an oil base cleanser to wash away any make-up, dirt and excess oils from your face.

Remember no matter what skin type you may have, oil based cleansers are the best at dissolving makeup. “Oil dissolves oil” We then move on to the second cleanse whereby you use a water-based cleanser to get rid of any stubborn residue that may stay behind and unblocking your pores. This cleanser is usually to address any skin concern you may have like acne or pigmentation.

So let me share with you my favourite products I’m currently using in my double cleansing routine –

I start with my Esse Cream Cleanser that is super amazing with removing make-up and dirt. This is a perfect cleanser if you have a dry or sensitive skin type. It is so gentle on my skin and does not make my skin feel all dried out after cleansing.

I then follow with my Lamelle Luminesce Brightening Cleanse, perfect for treating my pigmentation. This foamy cleanser is suitable for all skin types and will not irritate dry or sensitive skin.

Double Cleanse, a 5-minute skincare routine to a happier skin.

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