Doctor Eckstein Decollete Supreme Neck Cream

My first blog for 2020 and I cannot think of a better product to kick of the year of blogging.  I have spoken about this biocosmetic brand quite a lot on my feed. Honestly I loved every product I have used so far.  They are eco-friendly and been in existence for 70 years. Their products have been true to their word as they support naturally beautiful skin for all skin types.  So, let me not keep you in suspense any longer and jump right into this beautiful brand and this amazing product.

It is Doctor Eckstein Biokosmetik of course and their Decollete Supreme Neck Cream.  Now, that I am heading towards my mid-thirties. It has become clear looking after my face is just not enough anymore.  The décolleté is such a fragile area, it is important to have the correct skin care products and routine. The quality of most daily body lotions are not able to treat or even delay signs of ageing on the area.

Your décolleté is thinner and has fewer oil glands than the skin on other areas of your body. Therefore, in reality, it needs extra daily care and attention and is more likely to become dry due to a lack of natural hydration.  In essence, your décolleté requires a rich, hydrating cream. The Decollete Supreme Neck Cream from Doctor Eckstein is exactly that, a rich and creamy moisturiser. Which just melts into my skin with every application and my skin is loving every moment.

So let us be honest, why invest in an expensive neck cream and not just use your daily moisturiser?  For me personally, the result spoke for itself. After using Doctor Eckstein’s Decollete Supreme Neck Cream for only 6 weeks. I already started seeing a difference in my chest area.  My skin felt softer, smoother and after 3 months, my fine lines within my cleavage area started smoothing out.

Skincare is not an expense, but an investment as they say.  Salon treatments are an important part of your skincare regime, but having a good homecare routine is certainly on the top of the list and by investing in a good, firming neck cream, you will unquestionably start seeing an overall difference.

“Invest in your skin.  It is going to represent you for a very long time” – Linden Tyler

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  1. Doctor Eckstein Decollete Supreme Neck Cream article is very
    useful and well researched.
    This helped me a lot with my skin:
    🙂 Be beautiful, you deserve!

  2. Angilque Roelfse says: Reply

    I also really loved the Sample I got from you, please advise how I can get myself some of their products

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